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Joint Juice® supplement drink

We’ve made some improvements to our products to make them even better. We’ve added new ingredients that increase the health benefits, improve the taste and increase the flavor choices.

The following information is provided as a general guide to our products. This information is not intended to replace the expertise and guidance of your health care provider. If you have a pre-existing health condition, please ask your provider before starting any new regimen.

Why the changes to Joint Juice® supplement drink?
We listen to our customers and made key improvements: We added chondroitin and vitamin D because recent research indicates they benefit joint and bone health. We changed the flavor and improved the taste to appeal to more people. We eliminated the carbonation and changed to a plastic, resealable bottle. What we didn’t change is our commitment to delivering the best joint health products available.

Why should I use Joint Juice® supplement drink instead of other joint supplements?
Joint Juice® supplement drink provides everything the leading pills have, in a refreshing, easy to drink and absorbable form. Joint Juice® supplement drinks are an easy AND effective way to support healthy joints.*

Can I find the previous Joint Juice® supplement drink?
During this conversion period you may be able to find the previous version of Joint Juice® supplement drink in some retail locations. Eventually, all retailers will sell the new Joint Juice® supplement drink.

How many calories are in Joint Juice® supplement drink?
Joint Juice® supplement drink has 20 calories and only two grams of sugar per eight-ounce bottle. It is made with sucralose, a no-calorie sweetener, to keep it low in sugar and calories.

Why did you add chondroitin?
Current research indicates that taking both glucosamine and chondroitin will provide more joint health benefits.*

Why did you add vitamin D?
Vitamin D’s role in bone health is well documented. Recent research indicates that vitamin D is essential for a number of other cellular activities and most people don’t get enough.*

Is it okay to drink more than one a day?
Yes, it’s okay to drink more than one a day.